The Plastic Utensil Dragon

The Plastic Utensil Dragon

Picture by: toge-NYC via Submission Page

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38 Responses to The Plastic Utensil Dragon

  1. Fawfulster says:

    This should be done on school kitchens to help the environment.

    “Look kids, if you don’t want your plastic forks anymore, you can make a dragon with them!”

  2. XicoFelipe says:

    Also, first

  3. XicoFelipe says:

    Argh, just a moment too late

  4. XicoFelipe says:

    Now we can make our wish, and it will separante into seven plastic balls again.

  5. Steven says:

    This is by far the most epic recycling job I’ve EVER seen!

  6. Animesuperfreak says:

    Epic. Good gracious. That’s just…wow. I cant even…-shakes head- Hoooly crap. :3 my eyes boggled out so wide my teacher asked me if I was having a heart attack. Epic awesome fantabulous Super-terrific WIN.

  7. Fira says:

    Does it breathe knives? Sporks?



  8. Svant says:

    that is frigin awesome!

  9. Nice. Can you make more like this from trash? Like used straws!! Keep the plastic away from the ocean and landfills!!!

    • Ashleas says:

      Check out the art work of Sayaka Ganz. She went to my school for Graduate studies and makes sculptures like this (this one is not one of hers I believe) out of plastic and trash.

  10. LynzCatastrophe says:

    I think i should learn to do that, my customers would get a real kick out of it.

  11. EvilMachine says:

    Incredible. This one is really really good!

  12. Nick says:

    anyone know the artist who made this? (judging by the quality im assuming its an artist)

  13. AmandaKay says:

    That is so fantastically awesome. How on earth do you even think to do something like that?

    • Benjita says:

      Creatively. I see how it’s done (plastic cups for the body, overlay spoons for the scales, etc.), but never would have come up with the idea myself.

  14. jazzchica22 says:

    omg! it’s haku from “spirited away”!
    this is a total epic win!!!
    i love that there’s all this hayao miyazaki stuff on this site!!

    • herefornoreason says:

      Haku, he’s a dragon? Good movie. I have to say, well type this: WANTWANTWANTWANTWANTWANTWANT!!!

  15. rdg1269 says:

    I so totally want this!!! I LOVE dragons. And this is just epically awesome!!!!

  16. russell says:

    Who the hell gave this a thumbs down and why??

  17. Counter Culture Clown says:

    This explains why I couldn’t find a fuckin’ fork for my salad the other day! THINK before you make art our of my eating utensils, seriously.

  18. Steaming Pile says:

    That’s nice, but it would be much cooler if he put one of those beefy arms on him.

  19. mike r. says:

    The S is for Sucks lol

  20. octochan says:

    that reminds me of Brian Jungen’s work, only his is much, much larger.

  21. larochelle says:


  22. nbrider says:


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